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Questions of our customers

We have been offering our individually designed cans with eight types of drinks. information about our selection of drinks can be found on our website See our products

There are no other additional costs. You only pay the fixed price agreed at the beginning. All services such as design, conception, data processing, collection, content are included in the fixed price.

Yes, as much as the order quantity you requested, the more likely is your final price. To get a detailed quote, simply take free offer from us. We are happy to help you!

Yes, we design your beverage can in the style of your company free of charge. If you do not already have a logo or design, our Design- & Marketingteam will gladly accept this work free of charge for you.

There is often the possibility to summarize several can productions at very short notice and to minimize the resulting costs enormously. Naturally, we want to pass these reductions on to our customers and therefore we will create an individual offer for each of your requests.

At the moment, we are working together with our partners on a project, where we offer individual drinks for individuals and end users. At bizdrinks, however, we sell exclusively to commercial dealers. However, the complete new development (see products) of a beverage is also aimed at private individuals.p>

Ja, wir unterstützen auch kleine und mittelständische Unternehmen mit geringen Bestellmengen und günstigen Preisen. NatürYes, we also support small and medium-sized enterprises with low order quantities and reasonable prices. Of course you profit from higher order units, but in theory we would also deliver you a single can.lich profitieren Sie preislich von höheren Bestelleinheiten, theoretisch würden wir Ihnen aber auch eine einzige Dose liefern.

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